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​Coach Duong Cao

ICF Associate Certified Coach (ICF ACC)

Women Well-being Coach

Associate Coach of Coach For Life

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With more than 9 years of experience working in the field of Human Resource Management (Human Resource) at prestigious organizations at home and abroad, Coach Duong Cao understands mental health and the balance between work and personal life. Each person's personal characteristics have a profound influence on their job performance as well as their engagement in the workplace.

Coach Duong Cao wishes to help clients (especially women) balance body-mind-mind, gain inner strength and inner transformation to achieve a well-being balance. in life as well as in work.

Coach Duong Cao especially wishes to support pregnant and postpartum mothers to equip themselves with healthy physical and mental health to be ready to transition into motherhood in the most gentle & enjoyable way; because she strongly believes that a mother who is happy and at peace with herself will raise free and happy babies, right from the early years in the womb. Love, Empathy, Dedication are the core values that Coach Duong Cao pursues and wishes to give in the process of accompanying his clients.

Coach Duong Cao earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Troy University (2014), is currently a Certified Associate Coach of the International Coaching Federation (ICF ACC) and is a Coach Link of Coach For Life.

Coach Duong Cao

Women Well-being Coach

Associate Coach of Coach For Life

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