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Personal services

Do you want:

  • Managing emotions to improve relationships 

  • Effectively improve the quality of work and life

  • Discover and understand yourself, listen to your inner talk and follow it

  • Understand strengths/weaknesses, core values and motivations to clarify and identify important goals in work and life

  • Maximize individual potential and have a detailed implementation plan

If your answer is yes, we believe the following services will help you quickly achieve your goals. 

01. Executive Coaching

The Coaching Program is dedicated to the management team leading towards the goal of enhancing human potential,

work & life balance, develop potential successor leadership team. 

02. Coaching Training for Leaders and professional Coachee 

It is a 60 hour certified program by CCA (Certified Coaches Alliances) & ICF (International Coach Federation). If you have never studied Coaching according to ICF international standards, want to apply Coaching to your leadership work or have a passion to become a professional Coach, this is definitely the first and most important course to help you get closer. with your goal.

03. High Impact Manager

High Impact Manager is a special training program for middle and upper management team. From the knowledge, tools, and thinking provided in the course, leaders quickly create a positive influence in the business, exploit the full potential of human resources, and lead the business to develop steadily in the future. volatile economic backdrop. 

Mentor & Supervision Coach is an advanced program of the 60-hour training program according to ICF standards, and you will be mentored and supervised to have full tools, methods, and in-depth experience in these fields. frequently encountered topics/objectives. At the same time, with the supervision and companionship of experts at Coach For Life, you will also be eligible to take the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certification exam, thereby affirming your competence and professionalism. on Coach Vietnam market. 

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