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The difference of Coach For Life



Coach For Life is a pioneer in Vietnam in providing in-depth coaching services and coaching training for leaders & professional coaches. The strength of Coach For Life is a team of coaches who have PCC certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), with more than 20 years of experience working in large organizations. In addition to strictly complying with international standards, Coach For Life also flexibly applies many different methods and coaching tools to best support the specific needs of customers.



We have coached 1:1 for more than 500 leaders, senior executives and more personally, concurrently training 280 coach professional in Vietnam.

We are partners, advisors and professional consultants for many medium and large-sized organizations and businesses such as: Vietinbank, Saint-Gobain, Maxport, UNIS, TokyoLife , Format, VinaCapital...



At Coach For Life, we ensure integrity and uphold human values, considering it as a means and a guideline to promote change, spreading good values through coaching. For businesses, we aim to bring extensive and sustainable coaching into the organizational culture. For the training segment, we focus on training coaches who have a heart, vision, solid professional competence, integrity in professional ethics. 



Our mission is to help managers develop their leadership; and have a balance in life (well-being), thereby establishing a stable foundation and sustainable development. solid for business. 

Coach For Life will be the organization that leads and shapes the coaching culture for businesses in Vietnam by committing to always update the latest knowledge and coaching processes in the world, as well as complies with the ICF code of ethics. 

About Coach For Life

Established in 2015, Coach For Life is proud to be a pioneer in bringing professional and diversified consulting services and products to medium and large enterprises in Vietnam.

The two co-founders are also Coaching experts, Coach Quach Huong and Coach Quach Hien, who have over 20 years of experience working in senior management positions in multinational organizations and enterprises. nation.


we do

Coaching is what we do at Coach For Life. That is our only commitment and guideline to our clients and the coaching community we train, constantly developing and innovating in the field of leadership coaching and bringing better things. for organizations, people and this world. 

​We consult and build coaching culture in the enterprise, 1:1 coaching with senior leaders and implementing people-focused program (EAP) through coaching. We spread the spirit and understanding of Mindful Leadership, and train individuals who want to pursue professional coaching or apply coaching for their work and life.

Our Customers


we do


Coaching culture in the enterprise

Basic Building Models & Real Stories

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