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Why do you need 

Building a Coaching culture in the organization?

“Building a Coaching Culture in the Enterprise” directly contributes to promoting growth thinking, creative, active, listening to leaders. Thereby creating a culture of “open cooperation, dedication and continuous innovation” in the organization.


​positive feedback on the impact of coaching in many aspects such as work efficiency, communication skills, productivity, balance and business management strategy.


Human resources in organizations with a strong coaching culture all have a very strong "connection".


Businesses and organizations say they have recovered their investment in coaching, and 43% say they have outperformed their competitors in the same industry after implementing a successful coaching culture.

*Data source:

Report on Building a Coaching Culture with a New Generation of Leaders, conducted by HCI and ICF (International Coaching Federation), 2017

​Report on Building Coaching Culture, conducted by HCI and ICF, 2014

Impressed Numbers

Coach Quach Huong

Founder Coach For Life -Executive Coach

Coach Quach Hien
CEO Coach For Life -
Executive Coach  

Coach Minh Hanh

Associate  Coach at 

Coach For Life 


to be in charge of


For me, the most interesting thing is the sharing and exchange of knowledge and experiences on coaching skills from Coach For Life experts. During these sharing sessions, the team Leaders and managers of the training school have the opportunity to share, get close, and understand each other better. The work efficiency of each individual, each department, and inter-department is improved. Everyone feels heard, shared, and respected from their own colleagues. 

​Mrs Nguyen Thuy Linh

Deputy Director of VietinBank Training School

The first benefit I received from Coaching was an improvement in my relationship with employees and colleagues. Before, I didn't have the composure to listen and care for people, so there was always a gap between me and the staff. After the application of Coaching, I have a feeling that everyone has become friendly, close, and proactive in sharing more.


Mr. Pham Van Chuc

​Technical Director

Saint-Gobain Vietnam

After applying Coaching, I see how my team management has changed quite a bit. In the past, I often directed specific ways for personnel. Now, you are proactive in giving more ideas. Before, my work was always busy, didn't have time to balance other aspects of my life, now I have more time for personal development and growth.


Mr. Hoang Minh Chuyen

​Customer Service Manager Saint-Gobain Vietnam


Coaching culture in the enterprise 

- Model basic construction and actual stories

Useful material





​Whitebook on Building a Coaching Culture

at Vietnamese enterprises 2021

The white paper gives the big picture of Coaching culture building in Vietnam, based on the Survey of more than 100 Large and medium enterprises conducted by Coach For Life in the year 2021.

By providing basic models and practical stories in implementing coaching culture for corporate clients, Coach For Life brings knowledge in building and applying culture basic coaching to solve challenges in human resource management in a volatile period.


​Want to learn more about Building a Coaching Culture?


The program “Building Coaching Culture in the Enterprise” is designed for a team of at least 5 members and lasts  for 6 months continuously. The program is designed to include two elements (i) coaching
and (ii) training, and is conducted in three steps.

1  —

1:1 consultation between coach and individual manager

A form of management capacity development based on the potential and needs of each individual, focusing on changing management thinking, helping each individual manage to choose and apply management skills/tools new to their daily work.

2  —

Training for
whole management team

Towards two goals: first, to establish a shared commitment and vision towards building a leadership culture through mentoring. The second is to equip managers with core coaching skills and tools, to unleash the creativity, initiative and potential of employees.

3 —

Team coaching 
(Group Counseling)

Implemented by the coach and the whole management team, in order to strengthen the connection, support and learn from each other in the management team, thereby maintaining the goal of developing a leadership culture by coaching in the organization. .

71.4% of leaders and managers think that “The need to change mindsets and strategies to adapt to a new and tumultuous period” is the biggest problem they face in times of upheaval., especially during and after COVID-19.

But how can we improve improve thinking, enhance adaptation and human cohesion

in the organization?




The answers you need

Coach For Life is a pioneer in Vietnam in providing in-depth Coaching services and Coaching training for leaders & professional Coaches. In the past 5 years, Coach For Life has led and shaped Coach culture for many businesses and senior leaders in organizations in Vietnam, based on the latest Coaching processes and models as well as complying with ICF ethical standards._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Why choose Coach For Life?

Coach For Life applies the Mindful Leadership Coaching model & the Coaching model of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching (MGSCC). MGSCC is an organization founded by Coaching master Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, with over 2500 Certified Leadership Coaching professionals globally. 

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is ranked No. 1 in the world for Thought Leadership (Havard Business Review) twice in a row, and number 7 in the world for Entrepreneurship (Thinkers 50)

The MGSCC Leadership Behavior Change Coaching process is proven to be effective with over 11,000 leaders worldwide and is recognized by top leaders of Fortune 500 companies.

What model does Coach For Life use when implementing Coaching culture?

Organizations or businesses that focus on human development culture and are willing to invest and commit from 1 to 3 years to pursue the path of building a coaching culture.

What kind of business/organization is considered ready to implement a coaching culture?

Of course possible! Coaching is a powerful change agent and anyone can benefit. Any organization can choose the solution and journey to develop a coaching culture with Coach For Life provided it is fine-tuned and built to suit the requirements of each organization. You can contact to experience 01 1:1 coaching session for leaders with Coach Quach Huong or Coach Quach Hien completely free of charge.

We have never had coaching sessions before, can we test it out?

There are many ways to measure the results of building a coaching culture. Coach For Life will clearly state the program's goals in the process of understanding and consulting with customers. 

​Measureable results include: Performance improvement, Individual/team/organizational behavior change, Measure of innovation before and after implementation, Improvement of other Service, Customer satisfaction, Employee engagement/engagement, Revenue...

How to measure results?

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