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personnel increase concentration and work efficiency thanks to program EAP 

(According to research of FOH Canada)


employees experience EAP program increase job satisfaction(According to research by the National Behavioral Consortium)


For every $1 spent on EAP services, the organization will record an ROI of $6 - $10

(According to research by Morneau Shepell organization)


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Coach For Life is a pioneer in Vietnam in providing intensive Coaching services and implementing Coaching culture in medium and large-sized organizations/enterprises 

Coach For Life is the first unit in Vietnam to provide an EAP program with professional and in-depth coaching methods for organizations and businesses to support employees and develop human resources coaching programs are quality designed and implemented with deeply human values.

Why choose Coach For Life?

EAP is a mental health care program, well-being of employees for organizations and businesses to help staff take care of their mental, physical health, and a perfect balance in life. live and be productive at work.

The program is flexibly designed to suit the needs and realities of organizations and businesses with training programs, seminars and especially a personal coaching program combined with group coaching. Trainings, seminars, and mentoring will focus on the topics of mental health and well-being of staff. 

What makes the EAP program different from other coaching programs for businesses?

EAP is suitable for organizations/businesses:

  • Wishing to thank and help the staff to have resilient and strong mental health, perfect balance in personal and work life;

  • Promote motivation, productivity & performance of the staff;

  • Attract and retain talent, develop long-term loyalty and commitment to the organization;

  • Building the corporate brand "the best place to work".

How is EAP suitable for organizations/businesses?

Coach For Life will work with organizations, businesses and build an analytical reporting system to evaluate the effectiveness of the EAP program on a quarterly basis. Talk to us so we can better share the program performance measurement and analysis reporting system that right for your organization needs!

How can I evaluate the effectiveness of an EAP program after a period of implementation?

Content related to the personal matters of the counselee will be kept confidential between the coach and the counselee, the content related to the work may be shared with the company using the service. counseling service if requested and approved by personnel. The steps in the coaching process will be carried out naturally with the aim of helping the coach trust and truly open and share. This is an important factor in ensuring the success of the coaching program.

What is the confidentiality of individual counseling sessions? Will the coach's personal problems be revealed to everyone in the company, especially the management?



should implement EAP?

  • Building a connection from the heart with the organization

  • Increase the job satisfaction of the staff

  • Promote efficency and performance for employee at work

  • ​​​Attract and retain talent, reduce turnover and save personnel costs

  • Strongly growing organizations and businesses by healthy and happy staff​

 Employee Assistance


EAP (Employee Assistance Program) is an employee assistance program, provided by employers to their employees to help employees deal with personal problems or problems related to work that can affect job performance. The program is designed to improve the overall health and well-being of employees in the workplace; with services such as training, consulting and consulting.

Exercise and nurture mental health

Overcome stress, fatigue, anxiety, fear, sadness, etc.

Build positive relationships, resolve conflicts

Build positive relationships at work and in your personal life, learn how to resolve conflicts with colleagues, friends or family...

Work & personal life balance

Inspiration and happiness at work, happiness in private life

Financial Peace

A clear understanding of personal finance and financial investment and spending management;

Know yourself and manage your emotions

Positive thinking, acceptance and contentment, happiness, peace, eliminating negative, wasteful thinking;

Resilience & Energy Recovery

Build resilience, endurance, resilience after challenges and difficulties in life and work

​Le Hang

Business  & Life Coach

Women Well-being  Coach

​Yen Le

Resilience - Leadership​ Coach

Personal Development Coach

​Transformational Coach

Team of experts

Coaches at CFL have professional knowledge, work experience and professional international coaching certificates

* Only for

CFL's customers

Why you should choose CFL?
  • Being the first unit in Vietnam to provide EAP program with professional and in-depth coaching methods for organizations and businesses to support employees and develop human resources.

  • Coaches at CFL have professional knowledge, work experience and professional international coaching certificates

  • As a coaching organization in Vietnam, CFL easily connects and understands the problems, pain points and ways of working of Vietnamese people to implement an appropriate, flexible and effective EAP program.


The EAP program is flexibly designed to suit the actual needs of businesses with in-depth training programs, related field seminars and flexible individual and group coaching programs and variety of topics:

Ebook: Happy Employee - Happy Business 

Ebook Happy Employees - Happy Business is an indispensable book for businesses who want to learn and implement mental health care programs for employees in a professional and methodical way in their organizations. office.

The ebook includes 4 main contents:

  • Overview of the quality of mental health in the enterprise

  • Basics of the role of EAP in modern business

  • A real story about enhancing spiritual life in business 

  • Happy employees, happy businesses and specifically CFL EAP program

​Download ebook

15 MB

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