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Coach Le Hang

Business & Life Coach

Associate Coach of Coach For Life

Coach Le Hang is developing her coaching career as a Business & Life Coach. With 17 years of experience in holding positions from employee to senior management in Vietnamese enterprises and multinational corporations, Le Hang has personally experienced and deeply understood the challenges, the anxiety, confusion in the management and leadership of the organization, and also the loneliness or things that cannot be said to anyone of the leaders of the organization and even the subordinates.


Empathizing with those problems, Le Hang implemented a coaching program "Empower your business”and "Empower your lifeWith the desire to support and accompany the leaders of organizations/businesses, focusing on 3 parts:

  • Accompany leaders to help them weather the storm, leading themselves and their teams with empathy, love, and inspiration;

  • Support enterprises to unlock clarity in development strategies and business plans, set goals, plan action and engage in human resource development to develop businesses from GOOD to GREAT;

  • Accompanying the organization's staff to discover their own values, master their emotions and positive abilities, discover and overcome limiting beliefs to be strong and resilient through challenges and difficulties. struggles in work and life, building strong relationships, and inspiring confidence to live the life of your dreams.

Coach Le Hang is currently the CEO of DigitalVN Company operating in the field of Fintech solutions and Digital Marketing. With the desire to contribute to community development, coach Le Hang participates in professional knowledge sharing, mentoring and mentoring activities at the Training and Incubation program on social entrepreneurship for young people.impactUPunder the Vietnam Research Institute for Innovation & Development (VID), CSIP organization, exchange activities and admission to the MBA program of CFVG in Hanoi.

​Coach Le Hang

Business & Life Coach (ICF)

Associate Coach of Coach For Life

CEO of Digital VN Ltd.  

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