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Coaching has a marked improvement in work efficiency, relationship and communication skills (According to Institude of Coaching)

20 billion USD

is the expected Coaching market value in 2022 and is expected to continue to grow strongly over the next 5 years (According to ICF)

71,000 people

are pursuing professional Coaching around the world (According to ICF)

Professional Coach

With more than 1,000 hours of practical coaching, what you will learn is not just knowledge, but real life experiences. Working with coach Tien Cong, you will gain love and inspiration in the work you do, thereby achieving important and meaningful goals for your work and life.


Tien Cong

Founder of VCI
Certified Peak Performance Coach


Quach Huong

Founder of CFL


I deeply believe that leaders can succeed if they want to, and lead a happy and balanced life. In addition to over 20 years of experience as a manager for international organizations, my clients are inspired by how I maintain a balance between inner peace and the outer world, thereby achieving both success in work & satisfaction in life.


Quach Hien


I am passionate about management and people development because of the mindset that: People are the most valuable resource of every business. I have used coaching as an effective leadership tool to maximize employee potential and develop employees to management positions such as Team Leader, Division Head, Regional Manager, Country Manager; as well as improving team performance and quality of work for companies.

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Coaching skills


​As defined by the International Coaching Federation: “Coaching is partnering with clients (coachees) in a process that sparks new thinking and creativity, thereby maximizing their potential in life and work.”


In the current context of life, maximizing potential, continuously developing yourself to reach higher levels in career and life is the need of most people. Bill Gates himself once shared: “Everyone needs a coach”. 

This course is suitable for

Those who wish to pursue a career in Coaching professionally as a full-time/ part-time job

Leadership management wants to maximize team productivity, build an understanding leadership style, and develop a people-oriented corporate culture.

Anyone who wants to create a positive transformation in their own life and those around them

Training ​Coaching

for Leaders & professional Coach 

The Coaching Training Course for Leaders and Professional Coaches is the most important foundation course for you to enter the world of Coaching. It is also a 60 hour certified program by CCA (Certified Coaches Alliances) & ICF (International Coach Federation). If you have never studied Coaching according to ICF international standards, want to apply Coaching to your leadership work or have a passion to become a professional Coach, this is definitely the first and most important course to help you get closer. with your goal.

End course, you will get

  • 7 principles to follow to create a professional Coaching session

  • Mastering the ability to ask questions - A must-have skill for all Coaches

  • Understanding the 4 Levels of Listening and Mastering Deep Listening

  • Build warm, trusting, and non-judgmental relationships in Coaching

  • Model Inspirational Coaching Matrix - Practical application in all types of coaching

  • 10 Coaching Beliefs Must Have To Be A Great Coach

  • How to Pack Your Coaching Service and Start Coaching Professionally

  • All forms, images, platforms to implement Coach program

  • Mindfulness practice - an extremely important competency in coaching.

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