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Executive Coach

The Mentoring Program is exclusively for the leadership management team towards the goal of improving human potential, balancing work & life, and developing potential successors.

Who is this Mentoring Program for?

The program is only for the audience Middle and Senior Managers in Organizations and Enterprises. 

Specifically, the problems they often encounter are: 

  • No management mindset to lead and develop the team

  • Lack of confidence in yourself in your new position 

  • Lack of skills and experience to manage larger workloads 

  • Negative emotions due to work overload and work & life imbalance 

  • The hustle and bustle of work leads to being overloaded and employees have no opportunity to develop

  • Lack of sympathy, no common voice with employees

  • Imposing, not knowing how to motivate, encourage, and inspire employees

  • Lack of skills to listen, empower and train employees 

  • High rate of employees being bored, passive or quitting

  • Overconfident and satisfied with his successes

1  —

Preparation phase

Before the coaching process begins, the coach will conduct; interviewing the coachee direct manager/colleague (the interviewee), or the company & Human Resources Manager; management capacity survey; Personal survey to determine goals.

2  —

Deployment phase

Session 1: The first interview session will be used to interview customers, evaluate and determine specific goals of the whole interviewing process. After the first coaching session, the Coach will send specific coaching goals to the coachee & Direct Manager or the Company & Human Resources Manager.

Sessions 2-6: Inquiry is based on specific goals as agreed in the first session. Before each coaching session, the coachee will send a report to the Coach to share the results achieved, as well as the difficulties encountered.

Session 7 (1.5h): Result evaluation.

3 —

Evaluation stage

Coachee will be required to make a report evaluating the results of the coaching program and send it to the Human Resources Manager of the organization, and Coach will also send a Post-training Progress Report to the Human Resources Manager.

Duration & Method

The program “Counseling Leadership” with a training period lasting for 4 months, including 7 coaching sessions and divided into 3 phases

The program is designed to assist managers and leaders in:

  • Improve management capacity, become an inspirational leader

  • Develop strategic vision

  • Improve leadership skills and mindsets

  • Know yourself and know how to manage emotions

  • Manage tasks and manage teams more effectively

  • Ability to resolve conflicts and stress arising at work

  • Build a culture that respects values and creates deep connections.

  • Solve difficulties in your personal life to have a balance between work and life

Benefits of Leadership Coaching

For individuals

  • Improve quality of work and life

  • Unravel and find solutions to difficulties and problems in work & management

  • Understand yourself, manage your emotions and shape your personal management style

  • Think positive and inspire through positive behavior changes

  • Have personal and team management skills and tools (such as time management, prioritization, effective communication, team development; empowerment, long-term planning, etc.)

For the organization

  • Improve individual and team productivity and work quality

  • Increase creativity, learn and equip more knowledge

  • Motivate and increase employee engagement with the organization

  • Lead the consistent adoption of a new management style or culture within the company

  • Improve relationships and communication between employees and between departments

  • Exploiting the full potential/ability of each individual

  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to people development and talent acquisition

The program is led by two Coaching Experts, Coach Quach Huong and Coach Quach Hien, both of whom have more than 20 years of experience working in senior management positions in international organizations, recently in international organizations. especially Standard Chartered Bank and the British Department for International Development (DFID) under the British Embassy. Currently, he is an associate coach of the world's leading coaching organizations such as BTS Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Center Coaching (MGSCC), Global Coach network.


​Coach professional

Coach Quach Huong

Founder of Coach For Life (CFL), Leadership Coach of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, Associate Coach of BTS Coach International

Coach Quach Hien

CEO of Coach For Life Vietnam, Leadership Coach of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching

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