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Download Music DJ MP3 from the Hottest DJs and Labels in the World

Junodownload is a UK-based online store that focuses on dance & electronic music. Covering 20 different genre categories, they have a huge, regularly updated database of tracks in a variety of digital formats (in addition to MP3) including high-quality WAV and FLAC files.

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Based in London, Bleep is an independent online store that mostly showcases music from independent artists & labels. In addition to offering digital downloads (either MP3, WAV or FLAC files), they also sell and distribute Cassettes, CD and vinyl.

They have a massive database and offer plenty of free downloads in addition to paid. They also sell CDs and vinyl. You can filter a search in a number of different ways, either by genre, popularity, release date or in alphabetical order of the artists/albums.

Compatibility also comes into play somewhat. While most DJ software shows love for lossless formats, AIFF and WAV files are nearly universally accepted in commercial applications and professional music software.

To compare audio format file sizes, I first recorded one minute of music to a stereo 24-bit/96kHz WAV using Magix Sound Forge Pro 3 software. I then used Magix Convrt to batch convert the file to all the other formats. The WAV and AIFF files turned out to be the exact same size.

When deciding which audio file format is right for you, keep in mind that (most of the time), buying music in higher quality than MP3 will cost you extra. Sometimes this can be upwards of 75 cents extra per track.

Once upon a time, all DJ music was bought, in physical formats. Then along came digital and DJs could suddenly download music for free, first with Napster, then a rush of similar sites becoming a huge opportunity for DJs wanting lots of music for nothing, and of course a huge problem for the music industry.

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But the music industry has changed fundamentally since then, with the big streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music largely replacing the download sites, for consumers at least, who are happy to pay their $10 a month for anything they could wish to listen to. Streaming services are even finding their way into DJ software, offering DJs this option too.

When this happened, another internet technology was gaining traction: peer-to-peer file sharing. This enabled anyone to download files from other computers that are connected to the same peer-to-peer file sharing network online. Napster was the first one to create a P2P network just for music files, and it became so big that it was shut down a few years later thanks in no small part to million dollar lawsuits from record companies and major label acts like Metallica.

Even if Napster was shuttered, the spread of MP3s could not be stopped: the technology that enabled music to be shared had been adopted by other P2P networks, and it became commonplace to download MP3s illegally. This, together with the rapid adoption of MP3 music players and CD burners, was how music piracy became a thing, and was the death knell of the traditional music industry.

Steve Jobs and Apple saw a problem with MP3 downloads though: they were hard to get and often you got lousy quality and rips. They released the iPod in 2001 and the iTunes Store in 2003, which introduced the idea of a US$0.99 music download that was revolutionary at the time. It made buying music easier and faster, plus you had a nice app that let you organise all the music you bought as well as let you rip all the CD music you had into it.

There are eight main genres found on the Bensound page, and clicking on any of them gives you a list of the releases. Clicking on a release shows you more info about the music, a preview and download link, plus more details about any licences that may be attached to it.

You can also click on the tags in each release to find more music similar to it: this is useful because while there are only seven main genre categories, there are dozens of sub-genres that you can click through in the tags section of a release.

The Creative Commons licence is a kind of copyright that lets creators keep their rights to and ownership of the work, while at the same time allowing others to copy, distribute, and use that work for free. When applying for a Creative Commons licence, the music producer chooses whether or not the song can be used commercially, and whether or not the song can be used in a derivative manner (eg a remix, or as a sample).

So while a song bearing the Creative Commons licence can be downloaded for free, you may or may not use it for commercial applications such as a mixtape that you sell or a song that you produce and upload to streaming and online stores.

One of the newer sites on this list, Jamendo is a platform that lets you legally download free DJ music from independent artists, and it also gives the artists an opportunity to upload their music for music placement consideration in TV, film, and online content by music supervisors.

There are smaller labels too like Tasty Records and Argofox that publish their own royalty free music for you to download. The reason these labels are on YouTube is because these songs have been cleared for use in YouTube as well as Twitch streams, and content creators are encouraged to download and use them in their videos.

Apart from visiting your favourite labels and checking if they have any free music samplers to download, do a Google or YouTube search to see if they have any royalty free music channels or microsites where you can grab songs from.

Amazon Music has a ton of music for sale, but it has a little corner where you can check out the free tunes the site has to offer. The quickest way to do this is to visit this link, which takes you to a page with search results for songs that are free. You can then go through the search results and sort them according to release date, artist name, and so on.

Manila-based Joey Santos is the Managing Editor of Digital DJ Tips. A DJ since 1999, he ran a successful recording studio for many years, and is a music producer and sound engineer too. He is the tutor for our Dance Music Formula and Music Production For DJs courses.

Yes, it is possible to use streaming services (which of course is what the majority of non-DJs do for their music nowadays) as your day-to-day music source, even to DJ with. Indeed, in our DJ courses we recommend that every student DJ subscribe to a streaming service, if only for the purpose of music discovery. And DJing with streaming services is lots of fun and has its own advantages, too.

The first name most electronic music fans think of when it comes to buying music files is Beatport. Beatport offers a wide selection including the vast majority of underground labels, and a mind-boggling array of genres and sub-genres. The store is fun to shop in, with lots of DJ charts and other tools to help you sift and listen to music, including a pretty good preview player and the ability to make playlists before buying.

Prices have dropped over the years (they used to be sometimes prohibitively expensive), and Beatport has introduced lots of innovation including Beatport Streaming (that integrates perfectly with the store and DJ software), and even a browser-based DJ app. Thoroughly recommended for electronic music DJs, as it is definitely one of a kind and consistently a market leader.

Unlike Beatport though, Traxsource is purely a download store, with no non-store features to distract you. And with a decidedly anti-corporate/underground feel, if you miss shopping in real good independent dance music stores, this could well be your digital home. Naturally, the store sells all relevant formats, with AIFF and WAV as well as MP3s.

Qobuz is a French music company that is primarily a streaming service, which tries to differentiate itself from the competition with high quality music files, and deep curation. (When you use it as a streaming service, it provides sleeve notes and so on to make streaming a richer experience, especially for fans of classical and jazz, two areas it shines in.)

A UK-based digital download store that once was an innovator when it came to hi-res music (no MP3s here), 7digital is available in the US and the UK and non-EU markets, but curiously, nowadays not in Europe.

Phil Morse is the founder of Digital DJ Tips. His DJ career has taken him from a 15-year residency in Manchester, England, to the main room at Privilege in Ibiza - the world's biggest club. He is also an award-winning club promoter, and has taught music tech and DJing since 2010. He regularly speaks at DJ seminars and events worldwide.

MP3, standing for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, is a widespread popular lossy digital audio compression format. DJs may use music stored as MP3s in software or on a CD deck supporting MP3 playback.

VirtualDJ lets you stream tracks from our partner catalogs directly within the software. Play anything from the millions of songs available, discover new tracks from tailored charts, and create your own playlists with ease. From mainstream to underground, everything is available right at your fingertips. All in high-quality formats. You will always have access to the best versions and remixes intended specifically for DJ's, to karaoke and music videos, or to broader generalist catalogs like Deezer and SoundCloud. You will never run out of music to play, or be unable to fulfill a client's request.

VirtualDJ has been around for more than 20 years, and has been downloaded by more than 150,000,000 people, making VirtualDJ the most downloaded DJ software on earth! It is used daily by millions of professional DJs all around the world.

Download music from your favorite artists for free with Mdundo. Mdundo started in collaboration with some of Africa's best artists. By downloading music from Mdundo YOU become a part of supporting African artists!!! Mdundo is financially backed by 88mph - in partnership with Google for entrepreneurs.

Mdundo is kicking music into the stratosphere by taking the side of the artist. Other mobile music services keep 85-90% of sales. What?!, Yes, the majority of the cash lands in the pockets of big telcos. Mdundo enables you to keep track of your fans and we split any revenue generated from the site fairly with the artists.

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